Food Corner Corralejo

🍜 Food Corner: Corralejo's Noodle Gem

Ah, Corralejo. A place filled with exquisite eateries and beautiful vistas. But among its numerous dining destinations, a humble yet tantalizing spot emerges: Food Corner.

Tucked away across El Campanario, Food Corner might be easy to overlook amidst the bustling streets. But oh, what a delight you'd be missing! Many frequent travelers can attest: it's the go-to for a flavorsome experience.

Tried and tested on multiple occasions, this eatery promises a taste adventure that’ll linger on your palate long after you've left. 🥢

Why You Should Visit

  • Fresh Chinese-style Noodles: Prepared right in front of you, the way you like it.

  • Customizable Menu: Choose your own ingredients. From the base to the sauces, have it your way.

  • More than Just Noodles: Fancy some sushi or typical Chinese dishes? They've got you covered.

  • Bang for Your Buck: At just €6 a portion, it's a delicious steal!

Current menu

😋 "Had the hot sauce and it was just the spicy kick I was looking for. Definitely a must-try!"

📍 Address: Calle El Hierro N2 Local3, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Conveniently situated right across El Campanario in Corralejo, it's the perfect spot to refuel after a shopping spree or before heading out to explore.

Dining Experience

Whether you're dining in or grabbing a quick takeaway, the service is impeccable. The friendly staff will swiftly whip up your order, and their ordering system lets you choose every element of your dish. Every portion can be generously served in a take-away box. Eat to your heart's content and whatever you can't finish? Take it with you for later. Every bite is a testament to its exceptional taste.

"Food Corner’s ordering system is genius. Everything is so handy, and the flavors are just exceptional."

Operating Hours

  • Tuesday - Sunday: 12 PM - 10:30 PM

  • Monday: Closed (Because even culinary maestros need a day off 😉)

Tips & Recommendations

While the noodles are a crowd favorite, their sushi and typical Chinese dishes are worth a dive too. And if you're feeling a bit brave, go for the hot sauce. Thanks to Food Corner, you can enjoy a delicious and fulfilling meal without breaking the bank.