Family Holidays in Fuerteventura

Discover Fuerteventura with your family - tranquillity, beautiful beaches and water sports. Here are some tips for an unforgettable holiday.

Why visit Fuerteventura?

"We visited the island for the first time in 2019. Three weeks on the island captivated us so much that we have returned many times since our first visit."

Fuerteventura is an island with the most beautiful beaches easily accessible from Europe, providing a stable, pleasant climate all year round.

Moreover, the island is not nearly as touristy as neighbouring Tenerife or Gran Canaria, making it an ideal destination for a quiet family holiday.

Playa de La Concha

White sand and turquoise sea. Such are the bays in the fishing village of El Cotillo. Thanks to the horseshoe-shaped reef, there are only small waves.

La Concha is a great place for small children, but also for the bigger ones who can enjoy safe snorkelling.


One of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the world.

The beach is best visited at low tide, which creates large natural lagoons with low depths and warm water. Ideal for holidays with children as well as for water sports.

Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura

A beautiful and diverse zoo that you cannot skip with your children. You will see sea lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants and many other animals.

Don't miss the show times - they are free and really worth it.

Dunas de Corralejo

For families with small children, these never-ending sandy beaches with a gently descending seabed are ideal.

The dunes are a truly impressive place and you'll leave with sand blown absolutely everywhere, but that's simply part of a holiday here.