El Cotillo

El Cotillo - Surfer's Paradise.

Beautiful clean long beaches with fine white sand. Especially great for families with children.

Did you know...

In El Cotillo, you'll find the skeleton of a whale that washed up in this region.

El Cotillo

El Cotillo is located in the northwestern part of the island of Fuerteventura.

Where to eat?

It is in El Cotillo where you can watch the most beautiful sunsets and enjoy delicious fresh fish in the local restaurants.

Accommodation in El Cotillo

The azure sea invites you to swim, the warm rays of the sun together with a light breeze promise you peace, relaxation and good mood.

Faro del Tostón

One of the few working lighthouses on the island. Inside the lighthouse is the Museum of Traditional Fishing, which presents the customs and traditions of the Majoreros, as well as an exhibition on the sustainable use of natural resources.

There are small bays nearby, such as Marrajo Beach and Los Lagos, which are pools of crystal clear, very calm water where nudism is allowed.

Playa de La Concha

200 metres long sandy beach. The entrance to the sea is gradual, suitable for small children.

Near the beach there is a parking lot, a few apartments offering accommodation and several refreshment options and cafes.

Things to do in El Cotillo


Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, conditions are perfect for water sports.

Beginners and experienced surfers alike will enjoy the waves.

If you are not experienced surfer, contact one of the surf schools.


Fishing can be booked in the harbours. It's a great experience.

The fishing is mainly for cod and tuna.

Fishermen will appreciate the opportunity to catch a fish so-called on the hook.


Murres, barracudas, rays, tuna and schools of other fish. You won't find many plants and anemones here.

3 interesting diving areas. Corralejo in the north, Caletta de Fuste in the middle and Jandia in the south.

You will certainly see goats on the island, because they are everywhere. They've even become a symbol of the island. They are bred for their milk and especially for the famous Majorero cheese.