Spend an unforgettable holiday in Corralejo, where incredible beaches and a lively culture come together.

Did you know...

Fuerteventura is the oldest of the Canary Islands, dating back 20 million years.

Where is Corralejo...

Corralejo is located on the northern tip of Fuerteventura. Trip to Corralejo from the airport takes around 30 minutes by car.

Parts of Corralejo

Old Town

The heart of Corralejo is its charming old town, which is centered around a picturesque harbor and a small bay. Here, you'll find narrow, winding streets lined with whitewashed houses, local shops, and traditional restaurants serving Canarian cuisine. The old town retains much of its original fishing village character and is a great place to wander and explore.

Town Center

Moving away from the old town, the center of Corralejo offers a more modern atmosphere with a wide range of shops, bars, and restaurants. Here, you'll find a pedestrianized main street (Avenida Nuestra Señora del Carmen) lined with shopping centers, boutiques, and various dining options, as well as the popular nightlife district.


Outside of the town center, you'll find various residential neighborhoods, offering a mix of villas, apartments, and holiday rentals. These areas are generally quieter and more relaxed, providing a contrast to the bustling town center.

Tried and tested restaurants

Things to do in Corralejo

Go Surfing

If you're staying in Corralejo, you simply must take advantage of the fantastic surfing opportunities available on the island. Be sure to visit popular surf spots such as Flag Beach and El Cotillo, where you'll find excellent conditions for catching waves. Numerous surf schools in the area provide expert instruction, ensuring that both beginners and experienced surfers can hone their skills.

Visit Lobos

Be sure to visit the beautiful Lobos Island, accessible via a short water taxi ride. This protected area offers exceptional snorkeling opportunities with its clear waters and diverse marine life. Remember to obtain a permit prior to visiting, as it is required for access (no one checks it, though 😉). Kids will remember the water taxi ride for a long time.

Ferry to Lanzarote

Do you want to add an extra island to your holiday? It's easy to make a day trip to Lanzarote from Fuerteventura and explore the stunning sights in the south of the island. Hop on a ferry from Corralejo to Playa Blanca, which takes around 30 minutes, and discover Lanzarote's unique volcanic landscape.

Hotels in Corralejo

Barceló Corralejo Bay hotel in Corralejo
Hotel Rio Palace Tres Islas in Corralejo
Barceló Corralejo Sands hotel in Corralejo

How to
Get There

Renting a car is always the best option for exploring Fuerteventura, as it allows you to roam around the island freely.

However, if you prefer to use the bus, getting from the airport to Corralejo is fairly easy, although the connection is not direct.

First, you'll need to take bus #3 that goes to Puerto del Rosario, which departs from the bus station located right in front of the Arrivals terminal.

Once you arrive in Puerto del Rosario, you'll need to transfer to bus #6, which will take you to Corralejo. Buses run frequently, approximately every 30 minutes during the day, but less frequently in the evening and on weekends.

Don't forget to bring some coins with you, and check out the official timetables for the bus schedule when you arrive.

Everyday Shopping

If you are staying in an apartment and cooking for yourself, you will most likely have a HiperDino supermarket within walking distance. Some of them are smaller, while others are a bit bigger, but in general, you will find everything you need, including groceries and drugstore items. At some of them, you can even buy fresh fish for your BBQ.

If you have a car, I recommend heading over to Lidl and Mercadona. These two shops in the southern part of Corralejo are conveniently located next to each other and offer ample parking. The selection is wide, and prices are slightly lower than at HiperDino. Mercadona also offers fresh fish.

For everything else, there is Fuerchina. At this large "Chinese" shop, you will find almost everything you need. It's very handy if you need to buy some beach gear or toys for your kids. Thanks to Fuerchina, you can pack lightly.

Tips & Hidden Gems

Are there any markets in Corralejo?

Every Thursday and Sunday, El Campanario Shopping Centre hosts a beautiful market with art, crafts and souvenirs. You can taste local cheeses and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Catch the beautiful kite festival

Coming to Corralejo in November? You gotta see the epic kite festival at La Playa del Burro on the dunes. Trust us, it's unforgettable. It's happening in November 2023, but the exact date's still up in the air.

Stargaze like a pro

Fuerteventura's got very low light pollution, perfect for stargazing. You don't need to be an expert, just hit up the Corralejo dunes - great spot for newbies. Bring the kids along too! Before you head out, download some app for your phone to help spot stars and constellations.

Party at the carnival in March

Corralejo's Carnival is a must-see event. It's a non-stop party with music, parades, and more for a few days. Don't forget to dress up in this year's theme! The Carnival's coming in March 2024, but the exact date's still TBD.

Look for the street art that pops up here and there

When you're wandering around Corralejo's Old Town, make sure to keep an eye out for cool street art that's hidden in unexpected spots. It's a fun chance to explore those quirky side streets as well!

Grab local goat cheese

In Corralejo, lots of supermarkets carry this amazing local goat's cheese from Quesos Guriamen. If you love it as much as we do, head over to Villa Verde to stock up. It's just a 15 min drive from Corralejo, but be sure to check opening times before you go (map link here). Update from October 2023: The shop is closed. You next best choice are the regular supermarkets.

Photos from Corralejo